Clinical & Regulatory Documentation

Our exceptional work in the Greek clinical and regulatory setting is evidenced by the strong commitment of our clients when they opt to select and trust us as their preferred clinical and regulatory translation vendor for their projects for years.

Not only do we “follow the rules” and provide all relevant documentation to the full satisfaction of the Greek and European authorities, we also provide solutions that help our clients meet their KPIs and focus on how to improve them.

That being said, the numbers supporting our side of the story are dazzling; more than 30 initial submissions per year under a complete translation cycle for regulatory submission, double that number for amendments and almost triple it to include all the stand-alone side projects that we are asked to jump in and support to get things running smoothly.

It may sound busy, or even hectic, but in fact it is not! When your processes have been streamlined to the expectations of your clients’ and these of the authorities, and you do this for almost 20 years (!), each piece of the “puzzle” simply falls into place and gets done allowing more space for new projects to come in.

Who knows? Maybe our next clinical project will be your project!