What a ride!

Back in the late 1990s in Greece, there was only one established path for linguists like me. Going back to school… again…

But the thing is that being a creative, yet down-to-earth spirit, I simply needed to reach out to new approaches. So I turned the page, went computational, entered the world of research & then pharma, and started raising my own voice.

Equipped with heavy academic knowledge, love for fusing together different elements, passion for experimentation and a deep need for extroversy and collaboration, medicaltranslations.gr was launched in mid-2000s.

Over the years it has grown to have a voice of its own; and this voice was loud, clear, well-spoken and so perfectly well-heard that I had no option but to turn the page again and go… corporate this time!

From a single-room constricted space to our current office, we’ve certainly come a long way but always remained true to ourselves!

Creative, resourceful, determined, bold! Yet most of all…

Alive, kicking and certainly… thinking! 

M. (for Manager, Mother and mostly… for Maria)