Nadia K. – Biologist

Trust me – I am a biologist!

“Trust me – I am a biologist” and, boyyy, does this lady know biology!

With a PhD from the Pasteur Institute and a research career on immune deregulation in autoimmunity and sepsis, Nadia possesses a complex super-brain plus all the great features of the lady scientists in her field: she is bold, determined, precise and accurate.

There was absolutely no doubt that Nadia would help our team grow and prosper, if she wanted to opt for a career change. Easy as it may sound, it takes more than just a simple decision to make such a change happen!

Luckily enough for us, our girl knows what she wants and timing was just right; so just like that, literally from one day to the next, not only did she become one of us, but also spiced up our team with her vivid and joyful spirit!

Having said that aloud and in public, it is now safe to admit that she is also a party organiser like no other! and we all wish that she stays this way! Cheers!